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MY Unique hybrid of Skills

I enjoy being hands-on within tech, data, design and executive level teams.

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Creativity is my Core

Innovative Thinking my Joy

Mentoring, inspiring and being inspired by the people I work with my reward.

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Experience is my greatest teacher

I have been creating positive digital user experiences for nearly 25 years.

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Cool Accomplishments

Chicago Tribune Marketing Department Achiever of the Year, 1992

Chicago Bulls photography featured in 1996-98 World Book Encyclopedia

iBook publisher and illustrator, "Starting Paleo" by Mom Gone Paleo blogger Laura Channell, 2012

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Adding Up the Value

I am a unique mixture of business strategist, data analyst, creative director, UX/UI champion, writer, web developer, and branding expert.

Capping this is over 10 years of director level project management and budget experience.

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Industry Wisdom

An internet editor for a 150 year-old publishing company.

A creative director for a major metropolitan TV station.

A senior producer for a B2C e-commerce internet startup.

A creative director for a B2B retail support company.

A digital director, writer and brand strategist for a B2B 100 year-old financial services company.

A director level strategist and creative lead for a B2C association.

I can tell you, but let me show you

I love researching, developing and managing all aspects of a digital journey from email to conversion. My decades-long experience allows me to discover new perspectives and eventually manage/influence others.

project 1

ASAHQ Digital Experience

ClientAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists
DateMarch 2013 - January 2015
SkillsProject Management, Vendor Management, Budget, DR ads, Branding, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Writing, IA, UX, Integration of CMS and AMS

Directed a complete redesign of 18000 page .org website. Hands-on in nearly all aspects. First time company integrated ad strategy, created and implemented by me and my team. Built and managed associated email and social media.

project 2

Insights and Innovations Conference

ClientAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists
DateMarch 2017
SkillsProject Management, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, UX, IA, Iconography, Branding, Content Editing

Introduced completely new design and branding. Created strategy for UX. Managed cross departmental team. Hands-on coding, graphic creation and writing.

project 3

International Forum on Perioperative Safety & Quality Conference

ClientAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists
DateApril 2017
SkillsProject Management, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, UX, IA, Iconography, Branding, Content Editing

Introduced completely new design. Created strategy for UX. Managed cross departmental team. Hands-on coding, graphic creation and writing.

project 4

ASA Annual Meeting

ClientAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists
DateApril 2016
SkillsProject Management, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, UX, IA, Iconography, Branding, Content Editing

Managed director-level team with Membership, Marketing, Meetings, Education and IT. Built UX strategy and IA. Managed development, branding, testing, and rollout. Connected and managed teams for email and print campaigns.

project 5

Practice Management Mobile App

ClientAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists
DateDecember 2016
SkillsCross-Platform Development, UX/UI, Agile Methodolgy, Content Audit, Project Management, App Icon Design, Branding
LinkAvailable in the iTunes Store

Receive notifications, access standards and guidelines and all the valuable practice management resources and doctor would need to efficiently run their practice.

project 6

CCH Connnections Website and App

ClientCCH Wolters Kluwer
DateJuly 2013
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Cross-Platform Development, UX/UI, Agile Methodolgy, Content Audit, Project Management, App Icon Design, Branding, Social Integration
LinkWebsite and App redesigned since I left

Directed and managed team to build the first mobile app tied to a website for this conference.

project 7

CCH Integrator Product Launch

ClientCCH Wolters Kluwer
DateSeptember 2013
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Writing, Project Management
LinkWebsite redesigned since I left

Managed digital strategy component of larger CCH Integrator new product launch. Introduced responsive design to group. Supported and built all email associated with launch

project 8

Accuquote Website, DR, DM, Social

DateMay 2010
SkillsDirect Response Ads, Email Marketing, Jquery, Social Integration, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
LinkSite redesigned since I left

Creative Director supporting all aspects of website creation and support, email marketing, direct response, AB/Multivirate testing, analytic analysis

project 9

Retail Quality Assurance Print and Digital

DateJuly 2006
SkillsIndesign, Illustrator, Quark, HTML CSS, JavaScript
LinkSite redesigned since I left

Creative Director hands-on with all print, web and video. Re-designed corporate brochure and catalog. Created logo still in use today.

project 9

Infogix Explainer Video

DateSeptember 2008
SkillsAdobe Premiere and After Effects, Photoshop, HTML

Write script, storyboard and create graphics. Animate within Adobe products and edit sound.

project 9

CLTV News Cable Station

ClientCLTV / Tribune Co.
DateOctober 2001
SkillsAdobe products, Quantel Paintbox, video shoots, sound editing, logo creation, branding

Script, storyboard and video shoot management. Created the logo and branding. Built accompanying print campaign within Tribune newspapers including writing.

project 12

Chicago Bulls web package

ClientChicago Tribune
DateNovember 1994
SkillsLead producer, editor, photographer, writer, html, graphic creation, branding
LinkNo longer on the web

Producer of a complete Chicago Bull web package. Shot photography and wrote content. Photography was chosen to be included in web and CD versions of the World Book Encyclopedia. Was part of team that won Online Newspaper of the Year 1997

Who am I?

A digital professional with 20+ years experience leading global user focused digital strategy and implementation of complex, enterprise-level digital projects in B2B and B2C environments.


  • Creative Digital Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Html5 & CSS3

  • Javascript jQuery

  • Adobe Products

  • Data Analysis

  • Business and Product Management


Download my resume for a more thorough explanation of the skills I have to offer.

I will provide outstanding creative, technical and marketing service that helps my clients to reach or exceed their professional goals. I will find solutions through a positive approach that inspires innovation, productivity and success.

My Vision Statement

What do my former co-workers say?

I choose to try elevate those I work with. I am very grateful for the amazing minds that have crossed my path.

"Paul is a talented Creative Manager who I really enjoyed working with. I admire Paul not only for his design work but also his ability to consider – and balance – strategic issues, creative concepts and practical considerations. Paul truly is a wealth of knowledge in his field and has a great attitude that makes it very fun to collaborate with him. He would be an excellent addition to any creative team."

Denise Blonda Senior Marketing Manager - Allstate

"Paul was a dream client to work with due to his effective team leadership, ability to make data-based decisions and thorough understanding of user experience design. On our web development collaborations, Paul was pivotal in both setting the strategic vision and providing work direction needed to keep us aligned to our overall goals. Beyond his expertise in digital marketing, Paul is just a fantastic and magnetic person. He is positive and inclusive which makes him the type of person you want to work with or for."

Kelly Calendine Project Manager - Aware Web Solutions/ASA

"Paul is definitely one creative dude. He is a fountain of creative ideas on both how to structure and phrase a message, and how to communicate the message most effectively through a wide range of media/channels. Websites, video, audio, photography, collateral, social media, and beyond -- Paul's depth and diversity of experience provide valuable insight on effective marketing execution."

Joe Dupree VP of Marketing Cleo/Infogix

"If it's a mistake, learn something. Then, it is no longer a mistake."

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me regarding new opportunities or just to talk digital (be prepared for a lot of enthusiasm about human behavior).

Downers Grove, IL

(630) 853-5000

I am social